Health & Safety

At Bike and Hike we take Health and Safety very seriously and work closely with a well recognized Health and Safety company called Training In Supply based in Auckland.

You can view our Health and Safety policy by clicking on the link below. Our Health and Safety plan is a document that is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis so that we can all learn from our experiences. We collect information each time we take a tour group out and add any new hazards and experiences to our Health and Safety Management Plan.
1415009023 check Our guides have some SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) which they follow prior to your tour and during your tour to ensure your safety is always at the forefront of our minds.
1415009023 check All of our bikes are checked prior to each ride to ensure they are in good order and again the important things like brakes and wheel nuts etc are double checked with you and the tour guide before you head off. 
1415009023 check Our tour guides are all trained in basic First Aid and carry a First Aid Kit just in case some treatment is needed.
1415009023 check Our guides will also quickly run through a list of potential hazards before departure which you may encounter depending on the tour you have chosen to partake in. 

If you have any medical needs that you feel the tour guide should be aware of please inform them prior to departure.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to Health and Safety please just ask, some of your questions may be answered in our F.A.Q. pages or click on the link below. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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We are a new company based in West Auckland, my name is Kevin and I am a keen Mountain Biker and Hiker.

I have lived in West Auckland since 1987 and know all the best places to Bike and Hike which is one way to see the sights!

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