Should I book in advance?
Yes please.
How do I book a tour?
Please go to our "Bookings" page which you can find on the "Home" page and follow the simple instructions. Our system allows you to select the days the Tour of your choice takes place and the availability and you can make payment online too.
What time does the tour start?
We are pretty chilled out at Bike and Hike so once the commuters have finished the morning rush we can pick you up between 9.00am and 9.30am. Enjoy your breakfast.
Do you do customised tours?
Yes - Have a look at our Custom Tours page for some ideas and just discuss your requirements with our office and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you are keen to walk The Hillary Trail we also provide a drop off and pick up service which is advertised on our Custom Tours page.
Can I bring my own Bike?
No sorry - We prefer to supply you with a bike which we know is in good working order, safe to ride and can easily be fixed in most cases along the route if required. If you prefer to ride with cleats (clip in pedals) and have your own special shoes please let us know when you book.
How many people does your tour allow at one time?
A maximum of 12 people including our tour guide is our limit at this stage, we prefer it that way too just like at school smaller classes are much nicer.
What is covered in the price of the Tour?
Pretty much everything really!  Bike hire, transport, cycle helmet (you must wear a safety helmet) and gloves if required.  We recommend you bring along a small backpack to keep your personal possessions safe which can also be used to carry any purchases you may make during the day.
What do we need to bring with us?
No rules here however we do advise that you bring along a small backpack, at least 1 litre of water, sun tan lotion, an energy snack bar, a small amount of cash for the Cafe break. We do carry chilled water which can be transported in the water bottle holders on our bikes which you are welcome to use if you do not have your own water in your backpack. If you require any medication don't forget to bring it along with you.
What do we need to wear?
Generally even on a cool day once your body warms up you won’t feel the cold so some thin layers of clothing is a good idea and you can take some layers off if you need to along the way.  On your upper body if you have any moisture wicking T-shirts they are much cooler than cotton fabrics. (cotton is rotten). You don’t need to wear skin tight clothes on our rides as they can get pretty uncomfortable and look silly when we stop for a social event!
We advise a loose fitting pair of shorts to avoid chafing. If you have cycle shorts with the padding for your bottom wear those but don’t go out and buy new ones just for us. Put a comfortable pair of training shoes on the more grip on the sole the better as you are less likely to slip off the pedals.
Do I need to bring a raincoat?
If you have one of those lightweight waterproof raincoats bring it along if you don’t like getting wet. The weather in New Zealand can be quite changeable hence the song “Four seasons in one day” by New Zealand band Crowded House.
What age limits apply to the tours?
We don’t stop anybody joining in the fun as long as they feel confident they can cope, please call our office if you have any concerns. Our standard Tours are family friendly so bring along your children too, when time permits we often have a swim under a waterfall or a paddle in the sea. Generally children of 7 years and above cope with the day very well.
Do I need to be super fit to do this tour?
No, as long as you can ride a bike and have a normal fitness level you will keep up as we avoid the steep uphill and downhill tracks and save those trails up for the customised tour groups who are looking for a challenge. We can take experienced mountain biker groups to our local bike parks. The mountain bike parks have detailed maps and operate there own Health and Safety management systems so the tours are self-guided to suit your personal abilities.
Do you offer a drop off and pick-up service for walking tracks?
Yes, please call our office to organize this service and we can advise some cool places to explore too, including "The Hillary Trail" which was opened in 2010 by the late Sir Edmund Hillary the famous mountaineer.
Can you supply a copy of your Terms & Conditions?
Yes, you can download our T's & C's from this website or read online.


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We are a new company based in West Auckland, my name is Kevin and I am a keen Mountain Biker and Hiker.

I have lived in West Auckland since 1987 and know all the best places to Bike and Hike which is one way to see the sights!

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